Our Digital Solutions.

We have been your partner for digital projects since 1997. Initially, we focussed on database-supported websites and media-neutral database systems. Today, we deal with microservices, serverless architectures and complex digital ecosystems - we are experts in the digital field. From the very beginning, we have been committed to digitising business processes.

Our Solutions.


We analyze and advise you on the optimization of your business processes, help you to build up an agile mindset and set up demand management with professional delivery within the framework of modern IT solutions, and ensure that your "project" can be run efficiently and in an organized manner later on.

Software Development.

Reliable, continuously optimized software processes are essential for corporate success. And wherever standard programs do not offer the optimal solution, customized applications must be used. Create a clear IT advantage for your company, actively drive the digital transformation of your company.


New technologies are even more alive with their processes. In a modern architecture, the individual new and existing solutions must be integrated and orchestrated. Nowadays, stable, efficient and modern business solutions are no longer monolithic packages, but a highly heterogeneous landscape of subsystems that need to be orchestrated and meaningfully interconnected in a holistic sense.

Quality Management.

Problems with your software? Applications that do not work properly can lead to many problems: Loss of money, time and image are a few of these significant disadvantages. With the right quality management, we help you to concretise your deficiencies and thus ensure that your software meets the requirements with regard to the various quality features. Applications are increasingly pushing into critical application areas and at the same time the scope and complexity are increasing. We can correctly assess the major potential risks and help you to control your system/application/services.


We manage the operational processes for you, help you to set up an appropriate service organization, and actively support you in selecting the right partners. Our team of ITIL specialists will ensure that your applications are always available 24/7 and that, in the event of an incident, the right people know what to do, minimizing all risk.


To ensure that your applications scale properly and are cloud-native or cloud-ready, we work with you to develop appropriate concepts and applications that can be operated directly in the cloud. Tailored to your requirements. We provide cloud solutions for services that are tailored to your company's specific needs and yet act completely dynamically and can be adapted at any time.


Is your current IT landscape fragmented, heterogeneous, historically grown, processes and data not always harmonized? We provide highly innovative multi-tier architecture models and corresponding implementation models with which business requirements can be achieved faster and more efficiently and payback times for IT investments can be greatly reduced.


Sitecore is the world's leading provider of enterprise content management solutions. Sitecore consists of four products that work seamlessly together. Together they form the Sitecore Experience Cloud - the end-to-end platform for content, e-commerce and personalization.

Kafka / Confluent.

Based on a distributed architecture, Apache Kafka is optimized for high fault tolerance and scalability. That is why the open source software is suitable for large data volumes and applications in the big data environment. Kafka offers great advantages with a high throughput and the possibility to process real-time streams.